Paul’s Music

In 2016, Paul released his first album titled, “A Journey To Center”, recorded at the legendary Village Recorder in Los Angeles. His Album was produced by Emmy nominated Artist and Producer, Chris Arena. Fun fact: Paul recorded his album in the same room as Dr. Dre recorded “The Chronic”. 😛

A Journey to Center

A Journey to Center is my own personal guided meditation and soundbath experience. It is a combination of mindfulness exercises, breathwork, and sound healing. Some Journeys are just myself on guitar, and others include groups of musicians or healers. Over the past 7 years, my own meditation and yoga practice has inspired original pieces of music on the acoustic guitar. I combine this music with guided meditation and breathwork to create a truly unique experience.

Music that eases the mind, relaxes the body and recharges the soul.

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100% Every Time

“There is no “fake” Paul – he shows up as he is and practices what he preaches. In a world where many are searching, Paul has a grounded and refreshing perspective on life. Whether Paul is leading a retreat, working on marketing at a new yoga retreat/class, or playing heartfelt music, Paul shows up 100% every time and prioritizes what matters – human connection. I really enjoy Paul as a teacher, musician, co-creator and friend and highly recommend working with him.”

— Erika Veley Craciun, CEO of Blissed Yoga Retreats