Paul has studied yoga with many world-renowned teachers and offers private and public classes with an emphasis on power yoga, vinyasa yoga and yin yoga. Paul’s classes are accessible to beginners and also great for seasoned yogis looking to enhance their inversion and arm-balance practice.


Increased strength, balance, and flexibility.  Yoga is a low impact form of exercise that is easy on the joints.  A regular practice also increases lung capacity, improves posture, and can repair years of damage caused by athletic injuries, and excessive time spent sitting at a desk or in a car. As with any exercise program, yoga boosts the immune system, reduces unwanted weight, and increases overall energy.  Both yoga and meditation have been shown to improve quality of sleep, and balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system.


Meditation and yoga both increase concentration and reduce stress. Meditation improves mental clarity, creativity, and decision making skills. A regular meditation practice has been shown to improve listening ability, test taking skills, and memory.


Meditation and yoga have been proven to increase happiness and joy. Mindfulness exercises have long been used in therapy to decrease anxiety and depression. A regular practice has been shown to greatly decrease anger and other forms of negative reactivity. It has also been shown to improve empathy and overall emotional intelligence.



Changed My Life

“Paul Teodo has changed my life, mentally, physically, spiritually. He is one of the most influential yoga teachers I’ve ever practiced with.”

— Rebecca Zeda, Director of Philanthropic Services, HBO

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